Public speaking

Knowledge sharing is important to make the industry grow. So I bring regularly my learnings and best practices on stage.

In 2016, I shared at GDCE on How to sustain mobile hits over years, using the case of Diamond Dash and Jelly Splash.

Since 2018, my main topics have been about the impact of User Research in new game development and Team leadership.

Women In Games

In 2018, I joined as an administrator of Women In Games Finland.

I have organized workshops on Leadership and few Networking events. In addition, I coach, advice or connect women in the community.


In 2015, I funded a fashion startup in Berlin, to experiment with something outside of games.

It was fun, challenging, and I learned a lot from it!


"Who said Games weren't a serious career path?!"

I spend time with universities to inspire the future generations to see the growth opportunities in Games. "Want to work on something you love?" Yes, it is possible!

Workshops & Coaching

From my experience working with various teams all over the world, I created a framework on how to build high-performing creative teams.

I share my leadership practices in workshops and coaching sessions with other organisations.